Girls CC begins on August 10th

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Last night, the school board approved the start of our cross country season. As it is with the rest of the world, many things will be different than previous years, but I have no doubt that the experience will still be positive and worthwhile! So here are the details that I can give you right now…don’t miss out!
In order to participate, your daughter MUST do the following BEFORE August 10th:
  1. Be registered online. You can register for girls cross country HERE.
  2. Turn in a valid physical to the Athletic Office at DGS. You can drop off the physical form at the DGS front office. If your daughter does not have a physical, she CANNOT practice. If she still needs a physical, I recommend getting one at an Urgent Care facility or a Walgreens/CVS that offers that service. For freshmen, the physical you need to attend school as a freshman works fine, but you need a separate copy to turn into Athletics.
Practices begin next Monday, August 10th
We will have practice Monday through Saturday each week. All girls are expected to attend all practices. We only cut athletes for 2 reasons (lack of effort & missing practices). If your daughter cannot commit to attending all of our practices, then she should not join cross country. I realize that transportation may be an issue for some families, but please be proactive in finding solutions. Missing practice because she doesn’t have a ride is not an excused absence. Occasionally girls get sick or there are some other special individual circumstances. Please try and communicate with me ahead of time about those situations.
Rides to Practice
I have created a shared document called Girls CC Ride Share for parents to post information about needing a ride to practice AND for parents who can help provide transportation to team members to contact those in need. Please be willing to check this frequently and help each other out. Thanks!
Next Week’s Schedule:
Practices will meet at the SE corner of the stadium. Please wear a mask and bring a water bottle with your name on it.
  • Mon Aug 10:  practice at DGS 7:00-9:00am.
  • Tue Aug 11:  practice at DGS 7:00-9:00am.
  • Wed Aug 12:  practice at DGS 3:45-5:45pm. *note the switch to afternoon
  • Thu Aug 13:  practice at DGS 3:45-5:45pm.
  • Fri Aug 14:  practice at DGS 3:45-5:45pm.
  • Sat Aug 15:  practice at DGS 7:00-9:00am.
The Following Week’s Schedule:
Practices will meet at the SE corner of the stadium. Please wear a mask and bring a water bottle with your name on it.  This should be our normal practice schedule for the season.
  • Mon Aug 17:  practice at DGS 3:45-5:45pm.
  • Tue Aug 18:  practice at DGS 3:45-5:45pm.
  • Wed Aug 19:  practice at DGS 3:45-5:45pm.
  • Thu Aug 20:  practice at DGS 3:45-5:45pm.
  • Fri Aug 21:  practice at DGS 3:45-5:45pm.
  • Sat Aug 22:  practice at DGS 7:00-9:00am.
Communication with Parents
I will communicate with parents via Email and Remind. If you are getting this email, you are on my list already. If you have not signed up for Remind text messages, please text ‘@2020CCPA’ to 81010.
Communication with Athletes
I will communicate with athletes primarily via Remind, but also through school email after school begins. If your daughter hasn’t signed up for Remind text messages, all freshmen should text ‘@2020FRGCC’ to 81010, and all others girls should text ‘@2020CCAT’ to 81010.
COVID Safety
We will be following all guidelines set forth by the IHSA and our school district. Girls will be required to wear masks at all times, except when running. We will conduct a screening at the beginning of each practice, but if your daughter is exhibiting any COVID symptoms, please contact me ASAP and do not send her to practice.
We are still waiting for further guidance from the IHSA and our conference about how our meets will look. I anticipate that most meets will be dual meets within our conference. When we have put together our meet schedule, I will let you know right away.
If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.
Coach Plunkett
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