April 8 Home Meet Helper Assignments

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April 8 DGS Invite Meet Helper Assignments:
(EVERYONE is assigned to something…make sure you KNOW what you are helping with)

Long Jump: (2 runways going at once, help rake & measure):
Clare Quirin, Tara Pikey, Daniella Steinhaus, Julia Dolce, Grace Wilson

Triple Jump: (will not start until after the Long Jump, help rake & measure):
Emily Kaszyk, Roshni Budhiraja, Alexus Allen, Danielle Valero, Erin Glennon

Shot Put (help measure): Shana Johnson, Jackie Sumida

Discus (help measure): Maya Gonzales, Bella Oberg

High Jump (replace & raise bar): Gabby Senne, Lily Skrapka

Pole Vault (replace & raise bar): Hailey Quinn, Alexa Flores

Starting Blocks (move block cart to the start of each race, hand out & return blocks to cart):
Karen Contreras, Kristen Leung, Annie Engel, Zoe Kurzweil

Awards/Scoreboard Clock (start the scoreboard clock for each race, distribute awards):
Rebecca Beine

Spotters for Mr. Mizener in the press box (give names of DGS runners):
Mary Eterno, Katie Stapleton

Result runners (take results from finish line to press box):
Molly Mandziara, Katie Meyr, Katie Stapleton

Hip Numbers (give hip numbers to athletes):
Abby Davenport, Arianna Finley, Riya Bhasin, Julie LaLonde

Hurdle Crew: EVERYONE

ALL ATHLETES:  After you finish your races, please jump in and help out the others even if you are not assigned a specific duty!

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