CC Summer Camp

2017 Summer Camp ONLINE REGISTRATION is now open! Dates and times are shown below..

Girls CC Camp Grades 9-12.
Camp will be on (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu) June 19 – July 27, 2017.
The cost is: $100.00

Girls CC Camp Grades 5-8.
Camp will be on (Tue, Wed, Thu) July 11 – July 27, 2017.
The cost is: $55.00

Girls CC/TR Strength Training Grades 9-12
Camp will be on (Mon, Wed) June 19 – July 27, 2017.
The cost is: $55.00

If you have any questions regarding CC summer camp, please email Coach Plunkett!






Membership for the DGS Running Boosters may also be paid through the same web store.
The cost is $35.00.

You may also pay for the 2016 Girls CC Camping Trip to Rock Cut State Park (Thu, Fri, Sat) August 11-13 for girls who will be on the DGS high school team during the 2016 season.
The cost is $75.00.