CC Summer Camps

2018 Summer Camp ONLINE REGISTRATION is now open! Dates and times are shown below..

Girls CC Camp Grades 9-12.
Camp will be on (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu) June 11 – July 25, 2018
The cost is: $100.00

Girls CC Camp Grades 5-8.
Camp will be on (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu) July 9 – July 26, 2018.
The cost is: $55.00

Girls CC/TR Strength Training Grades 9-12
Camp will be on (Mon, Wed, Thu) June 11 – July 25, 2018.
The cost is: $70.00

If you have any questions regarding CC summer camps, please email Coach Plunkett!

You may also register for the 2018 Girls CC Camping Trip to Camp Wokanda (Thu, Fri, Sat) July 26-28 for girls who will be on the DGS high school team during the 2018 season.
The cost is $70.00.


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