Camping Trip CHANGES!

Parents & Athletes,
The forecast for Thursday afternoon in Rockford is potential thunderstorms from noon until 8:00pm. Because of that, we are going to re-arrange the plan for our camping trip. We are going to hold Thursday’s camping day in Downers Grove, and travel to Rock Cut State Park on Friday.
Here is the NEW schedule.
Thursday Aug.10 (Camping Day in Downers Grove)
7:00a  Meet at DGS
7:00-4:45p  Team Activities at DGS (this includes lunch)
5:00p  Travel to the Duax home (5600 Main St, Downers Grove)
5:00-10:00p  Team Activities at the Duax home (this includes dinner)
10:00-10:30p  Get picked up from the Duax home, sleep at home in your own bed
The girls should bring running clothes, and a 2nd set of dry clothes to wear after running. They should bring a swim suit (the Duax’s have a pool). They do not have to bring camping equipment unless it was food oriented. They should still bring a chair. No money is needed. Transportation from DGS to the Duax’s will be provided. The girls should be picked up from there to go home for the night.
Friday Aug.11 (Camping Day/Night at Rock Cut State Park)
7:00a  Meet at DGS, load up the bus.
7:30a  Leave for Rock Cut
9:00a  Arrive Rock Cut
9:00a – 9:00p  Team Activities (includes lunch & dinner)
9:00p  Campfire
10:30p  Lights out
The girls should bring the original packing list and money for ice cream (optional) after the water sports.
Saturday Aug.12
8:00a  Depart Rock Cut State Park
10:00a  Arrive DGS
** Any of the girls who originally could not travel to Rock Cut for the duration of the camping trip, but are available on Thursday, should attend all of the Thursday Downers Grove activities.
Thank you in advance for being flexible with these changes. I feel the overall experience will be better with the option of moving indoors at DGS in case of bad weather. Hopefully we will still be able to complete all of the originally planned activities, even if it’s somewhere different than planned.
Also, huge thanks to the Duax family for allowing the team to finish the day at their house on Thursday!

If you have any questions about these changes, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Doug Plunkett

Computer Science Teacher
Girls Cross Country & Track Coach
Downers Grove South HS

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